Love where you live, but no longer have a home that suits??

Demolish and build is the new direction which people are considering, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

There are real benefits to Bellagio Homes helping people with this.  Our understanding of the costs, solutions, things to be mindful of and the entire process makes life a lot easier for our clients.

Our transparency in explaining every detail makes us the first choice in Demo & Builds.  Clients using us get some great benefits from our experience.

A few tips to consider

How we help our clients:

  1. Confirm what is staying and what is going, or if you plan on moving anything on the site.
  2. Make sure you know who is responsible for all the permits and service disconnections.
  3. Get the timing right so there's no extra costs.

Thinking of subdividing?

We can help there too!

Having a part of our business dedicated to splitting blocks up, we know the things that clients need to consider in all aspects of Duplex, Triplex and even multi unit sites.  We assess to see what's viable and help clients on their path to profit! 

Ask us how we can help you.

Demolish and Build

Love where you live, but no longer have a home that suits??