Don’t Pay $10,000 for a home design with an Architect. There is a better way to build your new home.

We know building costs, because we build beautiful homes. Save time and money with Bellagio Homes.

We hit building targets set by our clients, through helping them understand REAL building costs. The results are beautiful homes and happy clients.

We are often asked to price plans designed by Architects & Designers. More often than not, their expectations on price and what the real costs are, tend to be worlds apart. We offer you transparency in the real costs with the flexibility of Custom Designed Homes.

So if you want to "Live Life, Your Way'contact us today.

The Choice is Yours!

If you choose to us an Architect or Designer, you will pay too much for your home - Because they don’t have ANY cost responsibility.

The smart choice is to use Bellagio Homes. You’ll get your idea home that you will LOVE and build it with absolute confidence of hitting your budget.
What more could you ask for? A fantastic quality home, and unrivalled customer service focused on achieving your goals and all for a great price!

Dave & Jasmin built with us and this is what they had to say:

Right from the very outset, Bellagio Homes work with us to assess the home design, fit out and aligned it with our expectation. The end result was a custom home that we love which hit our target and gave us the confidence of knowing that they were the right builder for us!

In the long run, it saved us a lot of time and energy and gave us a more omplete overall picture of what we were getting in our home from the very beginning and no stones were left unturned thoughout the process.

Price Your Plans & Build to Lock Up

We take you through the entire process of budget discussions, concept designs, imagery, costings, administration and build of your new Custom Home by Bellagio Homes.