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5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Custom-Home Builder

Purchasing property is quite possibly one of the biggest events in our lifetime. If you have chosen to build a home to embody your dreams, that event becomes that much larger.  Before getting the process underway, it is always wise to scope out what kind of Perth builder you want to work with.

A custom-home builder in Perth comes in varying forms, but their underlining principle should be the same. The decision to build a custom bespoke home can be nerve-wracking, even for someone who has had their fair share in the market. This is because there are so many factors and elements that go into designing a home, far more than if you chose to purchase a home that is already built.

If you are considering building your dream home with a custom-home builder in Perth, here are 5 questions we recommend asking before you begin the process.

What sets you apart from other custom-home builders in Perth?

Every home builder is going to say that they are different. But what is it that makes them stand apart? This question will allow the builder to communicate some items that they feel are important and can give you a feel for their building methods, personality and style. At Bellagio Homes, we take pride in our eye for those devilish details and for building genuine relationships with our clients. We are custom-home builders who truly listen. Think – small team agility with big team mobility!


What has been your biggest building challenge? How did you handle it?

The answer to this question will directly determine what kind of builder they are. You will be able to identify the builder’s strengths and weaknesses. A custom-home builder is extremely client-focussed; a standard builder tends to be more building focussed and they endeavour to produce more homes at a faster rate.


Handling unforeseen circumstances: what is your procedure for handling obstacles?

Delays happen, unforeseen circumstances are a part and parcel of the building journey. Expect it! But, how your custom-home builder handles this can determine whether they are the right fit for you. Asking how your builder handled a recent complication tells you a lot about the builder’s process, method and ability to deal with arising issues.  It can offer peace of mind to work with a builder who exercises excellent conflict management skills that seamlessly gets you from A to Z.


Can we see one of your homes?

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! This is quite possibly the most important question to ask a Perth custom-home builder. If the builder is well reputed, they should have a stellar portfolio to back them up. A good custom-home builder should also have excellent rapport with their clients and showing completed jobs shouldn’t be a big ask. Also, by seeing their completed projects, you will have a genuine idea of how their work looks as a living breathing concept.


How will I be kept in the loop throughout the building process?

Being kept informed throughout the process is a must. The best kind of custom-home builders are also excellent communicators. At Bellagio Homes, we give you direct access to the two Directors, Reg and Troy, who will gladly keep you informed regularly on the building’s progress.


Are you ready to start the conversation with a custom-home builder in Perth who stands apart from the rest? When you work with Bellagio Homes, you get the striking balance of a small business with the ability to deliver large scale projects.


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