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Understanding You

At Bellagio Homes, we know you are unique. That’s why we get to know you and understand the way you live. Understanding who you are and how you live helps us create the perfect custom home to suit your lifestyle. Our experienced team works with you from start to finish and is with you every step of the way. With Bellagio Homes, you can turn your dream home to reality and live life, your way.

Meet Reg

Your journey with Bellagio Homes begins with an introduction to Reg. Reg listens to your vision and helps you understand your options moving forward. Reg works with you to learn who you are, how you and your family live, and how you use your home. Reg guides you through the design and build process, discusses your options and answers any questions. Together with Reg, you paint the picture of your perfect home and start your journey with Bellagio: your Pathway Forward.

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Pathway Forward

Following your meeting with Reg, the Bellagio team sets to work with a strategy session, where we discuss your vision and work out the Pathway Forward to your dream home. The Pathway Forward is our proven process refined over many years to ensure the least possible impact on you, while delivering a quality result for your new Bellagio home.


Forward Works Agreement

After choosing Bellagio to help you build the home of your dreams, we work with you to understand your vision and what you want for your new home. We ask you to sign a forward works agreement, which gives us your approval to proceed with the initial stages of your new home.

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Meeting with

You meet with our designer to discuss your ideas and capture the look and feel you want in your new home. Here, you will talk about colours, materials, and textures you like. Our designer develops a brief with your desired specifications, which leads to the initial design.



We produce an initial design sketch so you can begin to visualise your new Bellagio home. You provide us with feedback, which helps us create the final sketch. At this stage, we work with you to understand your budget and provide an estimate of expected costs.

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Preliminary Plans Agreement

When you are happy with the final design sketch and costs, we seek your approval with a preliminary agreement. The preliminary agreement confirms your scope, budget, and locks in the design so we can move forward with your project.


Planning Drawings

With your approval to proceed, we create a detailed site plan showing how your new home fits on your block. These drawings could include such elements as property lines, fencing location, distance between surrounding properties, amenities, your driveway, etc.

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Complete Building Contracts

At this stage, we finalise your drawings, confirm your pre-start selections, and lock-in the construction costs. With everything in place, we develop contracts for your signature, which gives us your final approval to proceed with the construction of your new Bellagio home.



With the building contracts completed and signed, we finalise the construction drawings and engage the necessary contractors, engineers, building certifier, energy assessor, consultants, and anyone else who will be involved in the construction of your new home.

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Submit to Council
for Licence

Your design is submitted to your council for approval. The council assesses if your design meets their planning requirements and, if everything goes to plan, a building permit is issued. Once we receive your permit, we review your budget and move forward with the build.


on Site

It’s time to start construction! We gather our tradespeople and begin building your new home. Your new home is usually ready in 11-12 months from when the process commences. Your dream home will soon become a reality!

Why Choose Us?

Since 2005, the team at Bellagio Homes has worked hard to design and build the type of homes our clients have always wanted. The type of home you have always dreamed of. The type of home that lets you live your life the way you want. With our bespoke designs, high-quality construction, and outstanding customer service, Bellagio is your go-to custom home builder in Perth.


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How Can We Help You?


With a generation of experience designing and building high-quality custom homes, you can trust the Bellagio team for a beautiful, prestigious home that will last you and your family a lifetime.

If you have outgrown your home but love where you live, we can help with expert demolition and a complete build of a spacious, luxurious new home for you and your family to enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

This can be dependent on a number of factors, including building approvals and availability of materials, and will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Yes. Our team liaises with your local council to ensure the least possible impact on you.

While we prefer to build with brick, we can use alternative materials of your choice. However, it is important to consider the durability of the materials to ensure the longevity of your home. Another factor to consider, particularly in Western Australia, is the potential re-sale of your home, should you ever choose to sell.

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