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Art Deco style

Art deco style is inspired by the interior design of the roaring 20s. It incorporated elements all the way from the 1920s to the 1930s. As a contemporary culture, our world is constantly transforming and growing in technology which is why we recycle old trends because it brings us to a better time. In this case, the 1920s has introduced contemporary society to the art deco style, a style that incorporates rich colours, bold geometry and decadent work. To add a vintage, modernist style to your home, consider the following elements:

Art Deco


Furniture throughout this era was often focused on streamlined silhouettes. Furniture pieces were large, and emphasis was placed on its shape rather than texture. This style typically included large sized armchairs and couches with streamlined silhouettes.



This particular era was all about creating statement pieces, everything was big and bold when it came to interior design. Animal prints were heavily used in the home such as shark skin and zebra skin. This sort of design was seen as exotic. Apart from animal prints, leather and velvets were also popular in the art deco style.

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The colour scheme specific to this era often included touches of silver, chrome and black accents. This colour scheme would often be paired with accent pieces or furniture that were striking and bold in colour. The most common colours used in the art deco style are bright yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks. However, bright and bold were not the only options. The chrome and black accents also complemented more subtle colours such as pastel pinks and blues. This added to the overall luxe feel of the home and environment. If you want to be bold, consider pairing with the bright colours, but if subtle is more your style, then pastel colours are a great way to incorporate different shades.



The art deco style is most known for its geometrical and symmetrical patterns. The lights used in this era are designed in a particularly artistic way. Before deciding on lighting elements for your home, research particular lighting designs of this era as there are many options to choose from.

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