Hamptons 5

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons is known as a place of luxury and style, hence why a design style was named after it. When entering a Hamptons style home, it often is very lively with its light and bright walls. The overall atmosphere achieved by the design of a Hamptons style home is calming and peaceful, almost as if you are on vacation. Consider the following elements of design when creating your Hampton home.


The colours are often mixed with neutral tones, think nudes, whites and complimentary bright colours such as yellow, blue and green. The reason for this is that the warm neutral colours represent the coastal shore. The neutral colours complement shades of blue and green to reflect a relaxed beach vibe.

Fabrics and materials

Everything about the Hamptons style is neutral, luxurious, and calming. This style of design favours natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wool. These materials work to add texture to the overall character of the home as the texture mixes well with the neutral and pastel colours of blue. When considering hardware, Hamptons style loves the look of timber and stone as this adds to the overall luxury and relaxed nature of the home.


As colour has already been discussed, furniture should aim to be light and neutral. The furniture should be displayed in a way that welcomes guests. It should be a space to wind down and relax with one another. Think of a holiday home and the warmth it brings to guests when entering. Furniture should be arranged in an open space to allow for entertainment and conversation to take place. Consider comfortable seating by opting for soft and luxe couches. The furniture can be accessorised by adding throws and pillows with texture and colour. Plants are also a common feature to add life to a Hamptons home as the vibrant green colours tie in perfectly with the sandy and neutral tones.


Lighting options should always be considered when the natural light fades and the sun goes down. Your home is not just for day living but night-time living. The perfect addition to complementing a Hamptons style home at night-time is to display pendant lights around the home. They work to subtly light the interior as oftentimes direct lighting can be harsh and take away from the beauty of the overall design. Wall lights are favoured for this style and particularly beneficial if you can dim lights to your liking as it can suit any occasion.


Add character to your Hampton home by installing white timber to your flooring. This is what adds to the earthy and whitewashed tone of the Hamptons style. Installing flooring does not just stop there, your floor can be decorated too. By accessorising a white timber floor with a tan textured rug, the overall look is greatly enhanced.


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