Mid Century Modern Design Spotlight

The old is always becoming the new with a society that seems to relish in the nostalgia of eras past. There’s no denying we’re all fascinated with the fashion, music, art and designs of previous decades, with the latest nostalgic trend in interior design taking us back to the 50s and 60s. Mid Century Modern Design is a great way of adding a vintage style to your home. But how do you incorporate a mid-century modern design into a contemporary home? Here are some of the best tips and tricks to adding a retro and vintage feel to your home.


The main element of a mid-century modern design is that it is unpretentious and casual. When walking into the home, it should give off a lounge-ready and relaxed atmosphere. This unpretentious feel can be achieved by keeping and displaying furniture that is well structured and practical. This could include hair pin legs and couches with low streamlined seating. This lounge-ready atmosphere will be further enhanced once accent touches are added.

Mid century modern

Interior walls and floors

This design style prides itself on natural elements and a laid-back lifestyle. It encourages a naturalist style by bringing the outdoors indoors. This can be done by having wood panels for flooring, exposed beams and accent brick walls to accentuate neutral tones. A mid-century modern home is one that welcomes light in the home. Regardless of where your windows are placed throughout the house, allow as much light to seep through the window by accessorising with sheer drapes or blinds. This look is elegant yet effortless and brings life to the overall design of the home.

Colours and patterns

When considering colour schemes for your mid-century modern home, draw more towards neutral colours. Colours like burnt sage, orange and rust will stand out amongst the furniture, particular when the natural sunlight shines through the window. This adds warmth throughout the home. You can further add character by experimenting with abstract prints, patterns or art. When deciding on these elements, think about how the abstract design compliments the rest of the home including the furniture, walls, floors, countertops, etc. Ensure that all pieces work well together. Experiment with different colour schemes and imagine it before making a decision.

Accent pieces

Accent pieces and decorations are a great way to personalise the home and add overall character. The greatest benefit of this is that accent pieces are often rare and found in markets, therefore you can ensure that your living space will be made unique with the inclusion of some. Consider decorative pieces which evoke the 1950s and 60s. Research the antiques and trending accent pieces throughout the decade. Popular accents were porcelain vases and sculptures with unique patterns.

Designing your home is one of the most exciting stages in building your dream home. We understand that there are a lot of options to choose from and many decisions to be made. Our team at Bellagio Homes are experts in creating design plans and we have an eye for detail. Allow us to guide you through this journey and bring you one step closer to getting into your dream home. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions.