Narrow Lot Home Design

No need to compromise on narrow lot homes

All too often, we have clients come to us under the impression that owning a narrow block means they will end up with a home that makes them feel squeezed in between their neighbours.  Home design has come a long way over the past 10 – 15 years and the creation of narrow lot homes has evolved along with it.  When it comes to creating a home on a narrow lot, good home designers can make the home feel just as wide and open as any other home.  So how do they do it?  Well here are a few ways that they can make your narrow lot home feel more open.


Make sure the entry has appeal.

Typically we often see narrow lot homes with skinny walkways from entrance to main living areas.  Sometimes that can’t always be avoided, but the entrance on a narrow lot home in most cases is just as wide as any other home because typically there has to be a walkway and a staircase.  Removing the storage space under a staircase, will give the entrance and walkway a much more open feel.  Also, letting in light into these two areas will make the home feel larger and less closed off.


Reduce walkway distances.

I have been through homes that have huge corridors from the entrance to the living areas.  Reducing the main corridor in length will make the home feel less closed off.  If you do have a long distance to travel, give the home a more open feel by having windows to small feature courtyards or even opening up spaces like the theatre room to the corridor.  It gives us something to engage as we walk towards the living areas.


Consider Side Entry homes.

Having a narrow lot reduces the allowable building width of a home and thus it reduces the ability to have rooms at the front of the home other than the entry.  By incorporating a side entry to a home, you not only give the home the option of a front room like a study, but you also create a private entry to the home and you are also reducing the corridor distance that we just spoke about.  Side entries aren’t for everyone, but they are a fantastic use of space on narrower blocks, especially if you home faces a main road where there is a lot of traffic.

If you’re thinking that buying a narrow block reduces your options with your home, think again.  There are multiple options available to you, it’s just about exploring those options and working with your designer to get the best outcome possible.