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Taking BAL Into Consideration

Living in Western Australia really has its privileges; amazing weather (almost) all year round, an abundance of space, world class beaches, and stunning scenery. However, having a beautiful warm climate comes with it’s own issues. A serious one to consider when developing a new property is the area’s proximity to bushfire prone areas, as this will affect it’s BAL rating. Never heard of it? Read on to discover more and understand how your custom home builder in Perth can help.

What is BAL?

BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level, and is a method of assessment for estimating the severity of risk to a property’s exposure to bushfire related damage. When purchasing a piece of land you may be informed that it is subject to a required BAL assessment due to its location, which essentially means it may be at risk of radiant heat, ember attacks, or direct flame contact.


There are varying levels of BAL assessment depending on the location. A BAL assessment (basic) can be applied to an area more removed from at-risk areas, but should the property be located 100 metres or less from bushfire sensitive areas than it is recommended you engage a qualified practitioner to carry out the required BAL assessment. As Perth home builders we at Bellagio have experience with BAL categorisation should you have any queries.

The different BAL ratings

Depending on the area where your land is located there will varying degrees of threat levels as to whether it could support, or be subject to, a bushfire. To categorise this potential threat there are 6 levels of BAL ratings that can be applied to a property during a BAL assessment. Depending on which BAL rating you receive you and your custom home builder in Perth may be subject to specific construction requirements before receiving building approval (BA).


BAL LOW – Very low risk, no construction requirements will apply

BAL 12.5 – Low risk, but possibility of ember attack

BAL 19 – Moderate risk, risk of ember attack

BAL 29 – High risk, increased risk of ember attack

BAL 40 – Very high risk, likelihood of exposure to flames

BAL FZ – Extreme risk (Flame Zone), building not advised

How BAL may affect you and your home

This past year has reiterated the very real threat that bushfires pose to all Australians, and it is essential we have a categorised system to help educate and protect anyone who may be living in an at-risk area. As Perth home builders we know that many properties in WA are subject to BAL ratings, but don’t let that deter you as there are countless processes available to protect you and your property. Before proceeding with purchasing an area of land you can check the Western Australian Department of Fire & Emergency Services website to see if the area is categorised as at risk or not.


Should you own, or choose to purchase, a property within a bushfire risk area do not fret! This is where Bellagio Homes can help as experienced Perth custom home builders. With our extensive knowledge of home building materials we can advise on all BAL construction requirements that still carry out the vision you have of your dream home. As local Western Australian based property experts we have an understanding of all state legislation, and will be on hand to assist you in understanding your BAL rating should you receive one and how to develop your ideal property accordingly.


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