Don’t Pay $10,000 for a home design with an Architect or Designer.  There IS A BETTER WAY to build your new home.

We know construction costs, because we build homes.  Save time and money with our fail safe budget analyser.

We hit building targets set by our clients through helping them understand real building costs.  The results are BEAUTIFUL homes and HAPPY clients.

We are often asked to price plans designed by someone else and more often than not, their expectations on price are not what the real costs are.  We offer you transparency and are responsible for hitting targets for you. 


Location Budget Quote
Floreat $520,000 $510,000
North Coogee $575,000 $575,750
Attadale $540,000 $539,950
Claremont $560,000 $569,338

Talk to us about our budget calculator and how we hit targets the right way.  It’s a safer way to build, no guessing, just hitting expectations.


If you choose to go to an Architect or Designer, you will pay too much for your home, because they don’t have any cost responsibility.

The smart choice is to use Bellagio Homes.  You’ll get your ideal custom home that you will love and build it with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE of hitting your budget. 

What more could you ask for?  A fantastic quality home, an unrivalled customer service focused on achieving your goals, all for a great price!

Custom Design & Build

Already have a house in mind? We welcome the opportunity to provide competitive pricing.