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Top 5 Tips to Custom-Building the Ideal Kitchen

The kitchen, more than other room in the house is where the action happens, it’s the heart of a house. It’s more social than the loungeroom, busier than the bathroom, requires constant cleaning and provides a place to eat, cook, meet, chat and relax. No wonder it is dubbed, ‘the heart of every home’.

The importance and the impact of good kitchen design will have on your house, your everyday life and your mental and physical well-being cannot be underestimated. But don’t worry, at Bellagio Homes we’re kitchen specialists and have years of custom building luxury homes right here in Perth.

Here are our top five tips to consider when custom building your ideal kitchen.


Flow is one of those words that can sound a bit vague but, in a kitchen, the flow usually refers to how people will move in and out, around and within the space. Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant will tell you that a badly laid out kitchen can be disastrous. So, think hard about how the kitchen will link with the other rooms, how people will access the fridge, dishwasher, sinks and storage areas.


You might have designed a beautiful kitchen, complete with elegant marble benchtops, stunning polished brass fixtures and the latest in kitchen appliances, but does it actually work? Form and function in a kitchen should meld into a seamless relationship. If you must walk to the other side of the room to use the bin or have no prep space next to a sink and stove, you might find carrying out ordinary kitchen tasks a chore. The general rule is to have the sink, stove and fridge within three meters of each other to allow for ease of access.


Often overlooked or left until the last minute, the lighting of your kitchen can really set the tone for the entire space. Natural light is always a massive plus so try to maximise its effect through large windows or even, skylights. As the sun sets, it’s important to have sufficient light over workspaces and stovetops as accidents happen and you are working with sharp knives and hot substances. You may also like to have energy-efficient LED’s, lighting walkways and cabinets that will allow you to get a drink or midnight snack without blinding your sleepy eyes in the process.

Get Smart

Kitchens, just like your phones, are getting smarter. Gone are the days when you forget to buy milk, burn the Sunday roast or forget recipes – your kitchen has you covered. The range of smart appliances coming out is ever-growing and a custom kitchen isn’t complete without some new gadgets. Your fridge can remind you to pick up groceries, throw out food, play music and let you set notes to the family right on the door, amongst other things. While you can set your stove, fridge, dishwasher and lighting to be all monitored through your phone under one complete smart kitchen ecosystem.

Use Design Tech

Gone are the days when you have only blueprints to give you an idea of a layout. There are loads of apps and software out there that lets you mix and match kitchen designs while also giving you a realistic visual representation of your custom kitchen. This is a great way to get your head around the flow, functionality and lighting essentials that make up a great kitchen, plus, it’s really fun!

At Bellagio Homes, we are one of Perth’s best custom home builders and kitchen specialists. We aim to make the process of designing your custom kitchen as easy and stress-free as possible.

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