What is the process to build your dream custom-home in Perth?

As we all know, the process of building your very own home is a lengthy one. It requires a great deal of patience and endurance, but it is an incredibly rewarding process. Despite the long wait and the stress, at the end of the process you get to move into the dream home you have always wanted and start fresh. To familiarise yourself with the process of building your custom home prior to the real thing, we have broken it down for you in seven steps.

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Step one: Initial meeting

This is the very first consultation meeting and it is an exciting time. We will meet with you and discuss all about your dreams and desires for your home. This is the time where we want to get to know all you have ever thought about interior design so do not be afraid to speak your truth. In this stage, we will be able to get a great idea on how to move forward and plan for when we begin selecting our designs. Bring all that has inspired you to reach this point including any scrapbooks or interior designer magazines that may have caught your eye. In this stage, we will begin to work together to discuss the tiny design elements that will lead to your dream home.


Step two: site visit

This is where we will visit your block of land together and walk through to get a clearer idea on how we can fully maximise the space available to get the best design and practicality all in one. We may discuss the challenges that could be faced, such as matured trees growing unevenly that might need to be cut to allow space for the home. This is a time for us to visualise and plan ahead, ready to design the overall concept of your home.


Step three: concept design

Once having settled on a design, you will be provided with a 3D design template to fully get an idea of how your home will look from all sides and angles. This is where budget estimates might be addressed, and you will be required to sign the Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA). That is, of course, if you are entirely happy with the completed design. At Bellagio Homes, we value having an open communication policy with our clients and always encourage them to speak up if there is anything they are unsure about. After all, this is a crucial process and designing and building a home is not a small deal. It requires a lot of critical thought.


Step four: documentation

This is the stage where we will prepare all of your documents, including your contract. You will meet with your design consultant to discuss the next few steps in preparation for design and building.

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Step five: selection

This is the most exciting stage for clients as they begin to finalise all of their interior and exterior selections such as tiles, carpeting, tapware, etc.


Step six: construction

Once all designs have been selected and finalised, the building process will begin. You will regularly meet with your client liaison manager and site supervisor as we keep you informed on all updates and potential changes.

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Step seven: completion and handover

When the building process has been completed, a practical completion inspection will be made prior to handover to assure that all sections of the home are up to standards and ready to settle in. Once approved, all important documents will be handed over, including the homeowner’s manual and the house keys. The final step is to enjoy your dream home you’ve been waiting so long for.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the building process, feel free to contact us!

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