Why is Mindarie such a sought-after suburb in Perth?


Mindarie is a suburb located on the coast of Perth. With gorgeous scenery of the Indian ocean and dining to choose from, Mindarie is a great place to build and live an easy-going lifestyle. Located in the Northern suburbs of Perth, the coastal lifestyle Mindarie has to offer is extravagant. It is like living on a mini-island, away from the noise.

Waterfront with boats

If you are after convenience, Mindarie has got you covered.

While Mindarie is located away from the city, residents can live at peace knowing that every essential is nearby for their convenience. There are many good shopping places, pubs and restaurants to choose from, as well as multiple activities available when relaxing on your day off. You can do stand-up paddle boarding, go for a swim at Clayton’s beach or do kayaking or canoeing at Shorewater Boats and Bits.


Views of a lifetime – Mindarie has epic ocean views at every corner.

The suburb of Mindarie is most well-known for its gorgeous scenery. As it is right along the coast, residents have access to scenic coastal walks. Along the shoreline, you can discover secluded beaches to rest and take a break. The main stopping point for this suburb is Mindarie Marina, a great place to unwind and indulge in waterfront dining. The nature of this place is laid back and makes you feel like you are on vacation. Enjoy a quality dining experience with delicious and refreshing cocktails and a gorgeous view of the marina.

Aerial view of waterfront

Mindarie offers a peaceful lifestyle – it is an excellent place to retire.

Mindarie’s peaceful nature is due to its coastal lifestyle. Living life on the coast brings about a kind of peace and relaxation that is indescribable. Think back to your Bali holiday, basking in the sun. Mindarie will offer you a similar experience. Due to its easy-going lifestyle and convenience, many people choose to retire here as they are able to do the things they love in a community that values laid-back living.


The homes in the area are in a league of their own.

The homes in Mindarie are of great quality and have generous block sizes available. If you plan to build in a suburb like Mindarie, you will be able to get land with a lot of space. The neighbourhood itself is well looked after as the residents pride themselves on their homes and making sure it’s in good condition both on the interior and the exterior.

A street

Mindarie carries an amazing community spirit.

A sense of community can be felt when moving into this neighbourhood. With residents having lived there for over 20 years praising the suburb for its great lifestyle, you can be assured that life in Mindarie will be stress free and relaxing.


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