Why Nedlands is one of the best suburbs in Perth?

Building or buying a new home is an exciting time. You get to start fresh, in a new suburb with new neighbours. You may wonder if a suburb will suit your lifestyle. Living in Nedlands gives residents a feel of luxury, community and peace all in one.


The Nedlands way of life is equivalent to luxe.

Nedlands is well known for being the third most expensive suburb in Perth. It offers a beautiful lifestyle, including gorgeous cafes and high fashion boutiques all around. On average, the cost of buying a home in Nedlands is $1.75 million, while paying rent for a 4-bedroom home might amount to $850 per week. If you are looking to build or buy a home with a generous size of land available, Nedlands offers it all. You can entirely create your space, whether it is designing a great outdoor patio or creating more room indoors.


Nedlands offers a low-crime rate.

Residents of Nedlands often feel safe and secure in this neighbourhood. Many choose to raise their children in this suburb as it not only has a low crime rate but offers highly regarded schooling for primary and secondary education. It is also located next to one of Western Australia’s top universities, the University of Western Australia. Nedlands values a safe community where residents look out for one another. The possibilities of being robbed or harmed are improbable. If you plan to live by yourself, this will give you peace of mind that you are living in a safe community.


All the essentials you will ever need are conveniently located nearby.

Nedlands provides its residents with some of the best state facilities, including Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital, located close by. You can have complete assurance that you have easy and quick access to a nearby hospital in a state of emergency, whether it be for yourself or your children. It is within less than a 10-minute drive from many popular and well-known Perth locations, including Matilda Bay Foreshore, Cottesloe beach, Claremont showgrounds and the city.


Looking for a balanced lifestyle? Nedlands has got you covered.

The beautiful foreshores and parks that make up the scenery within Nedlands helps cater for the easy-going life this suburb has to offer. While families love to live in this neighbourhood, it is also an excellent option for retirees to live in a peaceful and easy-going community. It provides the best of both worlds. Nedlands living gives you a chance to escape the city’s busy life, which is less than a 10-minute drive away. You can have the assurance that after a long day of working, you are not only coming home to a peaceful home but a community that prioritises relaxed living.


Choosing which suburb to build or buy in has never been easier when Nedlands offers a great deal. If you have a family, live alone or are retiring, Nedlands will give you a lifestyle you will want to live in forever.


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